Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tuesday, March 21

Here are my readings since I started this blog. The times are 1 hour earlier than the actual test times shown because the time on my meter was not set right..... I have fixed it now.

I also realize that the reports my meter compiles are based on people who have a "normal" schedule, for instance having breakfast, lunch and dinner at "regular" times of the day.
I get up around 10 AM and go to work at 11 AM until 7 PM... then stay up until about 2 AM.... In other words... not "normal" times.

My Doctor just wanted my morning "fasting" readings for right now, so I will just list them like this:

3/16 ~ 106
The first morning after the doctor's appt.

3/17 ~ 61
I was sick and did not eat well the night before.

3/18 ~ 166

3/19 ~ 229

3/20 ~ 257

3/21 ~ 88
I woke earlier than usual today because I had an appointment with a "behavioral specialist" today. She wants me to start doing exercise on a regular basis, and keep logs of it.

So far, I walked back home from the doctor's office... (about a 5 minute walk) not much yet...

3/22 ~ 220
Well... that one is not so good... looks like I better start my exercise routine today!

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