Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday, April 07

Waking at 53 BG.. eating some vanilla wafers to try to kill the hypo... 21 Grams
And having coffee with sugar and creamer...

Lunch at around 3 pm
2 slices of bread... 18 grams
2 slices Pepper Jack cheese and some chicken salad spread... about 10 grams
1 Mountain Dew Soda... 31 grams
59 Grams for lunch (oops) Should not have had the soda...

Went for a 1/2 hour walk from 3:30-4:00 pm

Tonight I did some lable reading while Jen was making dinner to get used to this formula of serving size compared to carb count, and how much I eat, combined with everything else's ratio and added together..... YAY! =-/
I need to think of this an experiment or something to make it interesting... I never liked math much for one thing when I was younger... anyways...

I am having two fish filets... 2 grams
3/4 cup of spinach... 4 grams
1/2 cup of mashed potatos... 19 grams
2 Crecent rolls... 22 grams
47 grams total for dinner

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