Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday, April 10

Monday, April 10 ~ 233 waking BG
I had a doctor's appt. at 10:40 and started work at 12:00 noon
I had a snak bar around noon... 20 grams

I had lunch at around 2:30 pm
2 slices of bread... 18 grams
2 slices Pepper Jack cheese and some chicken salad spread... about 10 grams
Plus coffee with a little sugar and creamer...
About 35 grams of carbs for lunch

I went for a 20 minute walk for my break.

Afternoon snack at 5pm
One slice bread... 9 grams
one cheese slice, small amount of chicken salad... 6 grams
15 grams for snack.

Dinner 9pm
Chicken, pea, and rice casserole... 48 carbs

An apple...20 grams and granola bar... 19 grams for snack
39 total for snack (too many carbs for snack)
Apples are high-carb!.. I guess I have to watch out for them...

I also got a killer headache tonight... my BG was at 120 at the time too, so it wasn't a hypo headache.

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Anonymous said...

Jeff, you're doing great! I know that the setbacks are frustrating, but I am impressed with your ability to keep moving forward despite them! Good job!
Steph Churchill