Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday, April 05

Today I'm going to Copley Hospital to see the nutritionist. This is where I will learn the proper things to eat for my diabetes...Oh boy! This is probably my most dreaded part of this disease... Having to eat healthy instead of what I really want to eat.
My level this morning is 172. I'm getting back to normal after missing my insulin for a day.

It was nice to meet my nutritionist today... She is going to be a tremendous help, I can tell already! I am going to start really using this blog a lot more now to keep a record of my carb-counting diet. I will now try to do a post for every day, with several edits a day to keep track of my meals, exercise, and medication for every day.

For "Lunch" at about 5 pm I had a chicken salad sandwich with two slices of pepper-jack cheese, and two slices of whole grain bread... and a snapple ice tea, and two granola bars... I ate the second bar because I was still hungry.

For dinner I had a roasted chicken breast, some broccoli with cheese sauce [7 grams] of carbs.. and some field peas [19 grams].. and about 4 potato chips [8 grams] for a total of 30 grams of carbs for dinner. Also, only about 10 grams of fat too.

I hope this carb counting gets easier... This is one of the parts I really was dreading as I learned about how to manage my diabetes... I really hate the thought of having to follow a diet! I NEED to though... So here we go! (YAY!) =-/

2am: Had a bowl of cereal... about 25 more grams of carbs. I'm doing my nightly Zocor and 60 units of Lantus.

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Anonymous said...

It's a good start. Learning what to eat and how to count carbs will help you. Hang in there.